where the engineering course i take

where the engineering course i take

Isnin, 30 Jun 2014

Jenahak Singgang

Assalamualaikum.. we meet again.. As mentioned above.. I just want to share a very simple and easy recipe because you can served this in 1 hour only.. It's very suitable for people who don't have much time to prepare iftar for their family.. but at the same time can reduce your calories.. uhuuu... it sounds full of healthy right? Yes... of course.. I guess I can say it looks like a fish soup but the colour is not like an ordinary soup .. the colour is yellow and still transparent.. Who cares...sometime english soups also have colour and not transparent like tomato soup..hurmm.. Other than that.. me myself also loves this kind of recipe because it has sour tastes which is very suitable for people who do not feeling well and can not accept the heavy dishes. Heavy dishes here mean dishes served using coconut milk. For information, woman usually sometimes do not have appetite to eat something oily and milky for a certain time. Hurmm... I can guarantee women out there know why..^_^ .. But I am not very sure about men either they know or not..hihihi..    

Okay...here we go for the recipe..

A few slices of jenahak fish
*2 small of red onion
*10 small chilles
*2 cloves of garlic
*3 x 2 cm ginger
2 x 1 cm galangal
4 lemongrass
Plain water - choices
a piece of tamarind (asam keping)

1. For the fish, mixed with some turmeric powder and salt. Fried until the fish turned into golden yellow
2. For the ingredients marked with *, cut into small slices. Punch the galangal and lemongrass roughly until the juice is appeared
3. Heat the oil and add onion, chilies and garlic. Fried until fragrant and lastly add garlic.
4. Add the fried jenahak and stir well. Add a few bottle of plain water and stir slowly
5. Put the lemongrass, tamarind and galangal and let the soup boil until the bubbles come pop out.
6. Put some salt if need and stir slowly. Turned off the fire and ready to be served.

Feel free to try ^_^

Malay salad style : Kerabu Salom Leaves

Assalamualaikum and happy ramadhan... Alhamdulillah... we meet again Ramadhan... Thank you so much Allah for this opportunity.. =)

My semester breaks for two months have just started... and I would say...yipppiieee.... hehe.... I was so lucky because my break started before a week of Ramadhan and finish after a month of Syawal.. approximately.. huhu...What a more excitement is I can join my family to meet my first nephew... tee hee... I can't wait for that.. Just a coupled of days to meet her.. I hope everything will be going smoothly and fine..Readers.. please make dua' for my sister in law and my nephew...

It's time for recipe...! My non-malay readers surely will try to figure out what kind of malay salad I try to share? Am I correct? Actually..it was me who called malay salad style..why? This is because as we already know.. salad is a fresh vegetable served in fresh condition which should not be fried or baked but however mixed with a super fantastic sauce.. The sauce can be mayonnaise, thousand island, olive oil, lime juice or many more.. Same goes to this recipe because the vegetable (salom leaves) did not need to be fried at all.. but only need to chop roughly and then mixed with special grated coconut.. Totally much different with english salad style.. In Malay ... we called kerabu ... it means salad.. In Malay cuisine, there are many kinds of kerabu recipes.. You can google out by yourself if yo do not believe in me.. Insyaallah.. I will share other malay salad if I have time... =)

Guys.. without wasting time.. let's we check it out how to prepare this fantastic salad..

Ingredients for the sauce;
*6 x 2 cm shrimp paste (in malay we called belacan)
*50 gram dried anchovies
*1 big onion - cut into 16 slices
20 small chilies (in malay we called cili padi and you can add more if you want it to be spicy)
100 gram fresh grated coconut (approximately from a coconut)

5 ties of salom leaves - washed a chopped roughly

1. For ingredients marked with *, fried separately. Do not over fried.. just fried only for 1 minutes.
2. Blend the small chilies followed by onion, anchovies and shrimp paste. Add a 1/2  small spoon of salt.
    ( in malay we blend using batu lesung)
3. Then, we add the blended ingredients into the grated coconut and mixed together
4. Fried the mixed ingredients without oil until the grated coconut become dried than before. Let it for a while until it cool
5. Lastly, mixed the sauce with the chopped salom leaves and stir well. And it's ready to be served!

 Tips: You can keep this in a refrigerator before you eat.. =)

Feel happy to try..


Selasa, 27 Mei 2014

Ayam Kampung Masak Lemak Cili Api

wooohooowwww..... It's almost 1 year I didn't write anything in my blog... Memang boleh cop budak master by course ni bizy bangat.... =P ... yesszzaa.. sort of... I can't deny..Life as a master student is a kind of bizy.. Just like what I heard from my senior and lectures.. But mostly my lecturers always said... "tak susah la wani....macam degree je..there is no different between degree and master by course  life at all...believe me...senang je"... -_-... but.....for me there is a difference...eh silap...not a difference but a lot of difference... There are a lot of assignment I need to do...sometimes hard and sometimes not.. but need prepare to the report in a standard report... Plus.. I also have been exposed to do my assignment using many kind of software such as Quickfield.. and also using the same software that I have used before...like P-Spice... Matlab and Power World.. But more expert than before (sikit je expertnya....=P) ...Then, I have been exposed to the application of what I have learned in class either degree and master level.. Discussion with team mates.. ahaaa.... this is the thing I loved the most... Doing assignments in a group made me more understand quickly... Especially something there is hard for me to learn alone... Lastly.. master's life made me more appreciate with my life... why??? because tunggu my master life entry after this...tee.. hee......

Don't get mad readers....hehe... this is just a teaser... actually I just want to drop my mother's recipe in my blog... as stated on the title above... since.. my study week has just started.. I was at my hometown.. I will put my mom's recipe as much as I can... I hope so...heeee... I have request this recipe to my mom when I was at my college and my mom agreed... Lama gila tak makan masakan mak... rindu gile...rindu sangat...MOH KITE KE DAPUR... ^_^

- bawang merah 5 biji
- bawang putih 2 ulas
- kunyit hidup... 2 biji sebesar ibu jari.. 
- lengkuas ... 2 biji...pun sebesar ibu jari
- halia.. 1/3 jari kelingking
- cili api ....lebih kurang segenggam
- serai... 3 batang...
- kentang 5 biji... dibelah dua
- santan... 4 biji... ( kalau tak suke pekat2...boleh kurangkan)
- ayam kampung 2 ekor..potong kecik2 dan basuh bersih

1. Sediakan bumbu untuk kuah gulai.. Tumbuk secara manual (guna lesung batu) cili api.. kunyit hidup..bawang putih...halia... bawang merah.. halia..akhir sekali ketuk serai
2. Masukkan bumbu , kentang yang dibelah dua dan sedikit air. Buka api dan biarkan seketika sehingga ketang empuk.
3. Setelah kentang empuk, masukkan ayam dan gaul rata... biarkan seketika sehingga ayam sedikit empuk
4. Masukkan santan dan biarkan sehingga mendidih.. Cukupkan dengan garam dan rasa2kan..
5. Siap...hidangkan dengan nasi panas dan daun meranti goreng belacan..umpphh...

Selamat mencuba... thanks for your time... =)

Isnin, 16 September 2013

This is my journey... =)

Assalamualaikum... after being silence so long.. now i'm coming back to write.. After Hari Raya festival i'ts quite buzy for me.. I need to settle down about my registration, my medical check up and all those things... Cooking? Umm I still have time to learn.. even it was simple recipe.. but I still learn.. Sometimes we can made mistakes by having trouble taste even it was simple dish right? So, I am very thankful to my omma because willing to teach me.. Other than that, I used to try my own recipe.. It's actually very simple because i'm using the ready ingredients which were lebihan-lebihan ingredients from yesterday cooking.. and sometimes I take my own risk by trying new recipe which I learned from magazine.. What is more suprise is when the ingredients you need are not too many and it is very easy to get.. Sounds great right?? I bet you want to know more about the recipe ..ihikk...perasan pulak.. But anyway, I will share with all of you..Simple, easy, cheap, quick and delicious.. =)

Back to my journey after finish my study in degree level..umm... actually it's a bit hard for me to decide wheather to be an engineer or continue study in master level.. Yess.... It's very hard.. With the pain I've been go through along the last semester.. Ouhh... I can't imagine how can I gone through with those feeling.. Depressed.. sadness.. disappointed...everything .. I can't described.. but I can presume it was very trouble feeling of mine at that time... After the feeling of hesitation, I pray to Allah...ask Him to give me the best journey for my future.. And I finally registered my self as a full time postgraduate level in UTM, Skudai.. Ahaa same place, same faculty (of course) and what more important is same course.. I do try to find universities which near to my hometown but unfortunately there are not offering my course.. Umm... deeply from my heart .. I actually want to further my studies in the university which near to my hometown but due to some reasons I finally choose UTM... It's not about I don't like UTM,Skudai... No... of course..Just want to be nearer with my family that's all..Because sadness is still inside..... But anyway, I believed this is my destiny.. Allah guide my heart to continue study even it was quite hard for me to continue at the first time...hee.. And I believed even though I was far from my family (xde lah jauh sangat kan setakat nilai dengan skudai)... but Allah give me friends.. My old classmate, Natra and many of new friends.. And plus I still have Rozana who is my junior... And I believed I can have many of new friends after this..

I know .... some readers may said ah this girl... your university wasn't too far for your hometown compared to others... Cengeng ....Manje... Hehh... I am not writting to tell others about my journey.. No..no.. It was just one way or medium for me to confess.. to recall back my journey.. So I can take something that I can learn from it... For example.. I still have a chance to continue my study compared to a person who is only able to have primary school level only... It makes me realize how lucky I am... Right?  Plus, I also can remind my self to appreciate persons who are always be my side during my feelings are upside down.. May Allah bless all of them... Parents, family, friends, lectures.... All of them who are involved either directly or indirectly.. I know everything happen for a reason.. even it's sometimes hard for me to accept but I believed in Allah.. 

I know.. my junior or anyone else... will have the same feeling of mine... Maybe not the same way of test but the feelings... The very unstable feeling... Yes.. Put hope to Allah...Pray to Allah...dua' to Allah..Make good relationship with others even they do bad things on you... Oh I almost forget.... Don't forget to have good relationship with your parents.. because Allah's redha is based on our parent's redha.. I know sometimes it was hard for you to accept...like me..Please tell some one you trust so they can give advices to you... They can be parents, your close friends and it's up to you...

Last but not least, believe me... after all the prayers... dua's.... efforts.. there would be sweets things come to you... It may be late....but believe me... it will come at the right time... Just be patient.. Allah is the best planner... =) and for me... please...who ever read this post... please.. I bag to you... pray the best for my future...at least al-Fatihah... thank you...


Sabtu, 17 Ogos 2013

Resepi Lasagna Campak2

Assalamualaikum..Semalam adalah proses meng'clearkan' barang2 dapur..Apakah itu? Mesti korang wandering kan... Macam ni..sebelum raye hari tu Wani tolong mak kemaskan almari dapur ngan peti ais.. Jadi waktu kemas tu kite cek skali mane barang2 yang da luput dan belum...dan yang hampir pada tarikh luput.. Makanya Wani terjumpala 1 tin sup campbell (betulke spelling ni ha??) yang tarikh luputnye bulan 9 ni.. Kulit lasagna pun ad lagi.. Tomato pun ada dalam 6 biji.. balance mase mak buat makan-makan tempoh hari..Daging cincang pun ad dalam peti ais..Pikir punye pikir last2 Wani decide buat lasagna..Based untuk buat kuah tomato tu Wani refer dari resepi sebelum ni je..Yang kuah cream tu Wani gune sup campbell je.. Cume tambah cheese parmesan (lebihan dulu) untuk tambahkan masin ..Kalau korang takde bleh je guna garam.. Cume resepi untuk kali ni, untuk kuah tomato tu Wani guna fresh tomato..bukan tomato puree.. Cara buat pun same je dari resepi yang Wani pernah cuba sebelum ni.. Tapi adjust skit la..sebab barang pun tak lengkap.. hehe...

Bahan untuk kuah tomato:
- 1labu bawang besar Holland > dipotong dadu dan di bahagi dua
- 1 sudu besar bawang putih > lebihan blend mase masak-masak raye tempoh hari
- 7 biji tomato bersaiz sederhana > diblend
- 5 sudu besar cili kering yang telah diblend
- 250g daging cincang
- sejemput serbuk rosemarry
- sejemput serbuk thyme
- sejemput daun kering parsley
- Cheddar cheese > bahan yang dah ada dalam peti ais jugak..hehe..

1. Panaskan sedikit minyak dan masukkan bawang yang telah dipotong dadu.
2. Setelah layu sedikit masukkan bawang putih.
3. Kemudian masukkan segala serbuk dan daun kering herba tadi.
4. Setelah dikacau , masukkan tomato dan cili kering telah diblend.
5. Biarkan rebus sehingga airnya berkurang dari yang asal.
6. Setelah kurang, masukkan daging cincang dan gaul sentiasa supaya daging masak sekata. 
7. Biarkan lama sedikit supaya air daging menjadi kering dan kuah tomato meresap ke dalam daging.
8. Masukkan garam sedikit.

Bahan untuk cream:
Seperti yang telah sedia maklum, Wani guna sup campbell je. Tambah air sikit untuk kurangkan pekat dan letak cheese parmesan untuk tambah masin.

Cara-cara membuat lasagna:
1. Sapukan marjerin pada bekas yang akan digunakan untuk memasak lasagna.
2. Rebuskan kepingan lasagna dengan air yang mendidih yang telah ditambah sedikit minyak.
3. Setelah lembut letakkan kepingan lasagna ke dalam bekas.
4. Masukkan dan sapu secara tipis kuah tomato diatas kepingan tadi.
5. Taburkan Cheddar cheese dan tambahkan kepingan lasagna.
6. Sapukan kuah cream dan taburkan juga cheddar. Langkah diulang sehingga kepingan lasagna habis atau kedua-dua kuah tadi habis.
7. Lapisan yang terakhir boleh taburkan dengan Parmessan cheese jika suka.
8. Bakar di dalam oven pada suhu 200C selama 25-30 minutes.

Nota kaki: Kalau la tak habis kuah cream dan tomato, korang boleh makan dengan spaghetti. 

~Selamat Mencuba~ 

Khamis, 15 Ogos 2013

Sup cendawan berkrim

Assalamualaikum all.. Alhamdulillah..we meet again.. After a week of Syawal now I have time to post something in my blog.. Beraya sakan??Of course la...for 4 days of Syawal we returned home at 12am.. And then on 5th Syawal my famili made some makan-makan due to my aunties, uncles, grandma and grandpa from both side of my parent came into my our house for Hari Raya.. Thank you very much for my poksu, moksu, nenek and atok because willing to help us to prepare all the dishes....Exhausted? it may have but the enjoyment when your relatives came into your house for hari raya can defeat the exhausted feeling..For me it .. it feels more enjoy when seeing guest eat more your food.. Yolah... penat memasak hilang bila tengok orang makan masakan kita...lagi2 kalau masak banyak..hehe..psstt dalam cite ni Wani tak masak pun...Wani just helped the preparation part...hiks~

Okay..okay... that was some a story for 2013 Hari Raya.. and for yesterday.. we were celebrating Along's and Alang's birthday.. It's not going well like what we have planned but it's still fun.. Kita yang merancang Allah yang tentukan.. kan..kan.. But the most important thing is, a memory about a person is still there and plus even we sometimes dont't have much time but still we have the ability to gather and meet each other..

And for today story.. I just want to share my first attempt in making mushroom soup.. It was actually done in the last year.. but because I am being so busy for my internship so rest is the priority  than updating blog.. In short word, I just upload the photos and save in drafts..hiks~ 

I have picked the recipe from this blog and what the reason for me to choose this recipe is because there is no egg use in this recipe and it's very suitable for my father because he requested mushroom soup from me.. and he wanted me to make mushroom soup like in the Aunty Ainis restaurant where their taste was fresh which means it doesn't use any instant mushroom soup.. It sounds great right??

Here you go for the recipe..Feel free to try..
2 biji bawang besar kuning - didadu
150 gm cendawan butang putih segar - dihiris
2 sudu besar tepung jagung - dibancuh dengan sedikit air
1 kiub pati ayam
3 cawan susu UHT
1 sudu kecil serbuk lada hitam
1 sudu besar mentega/marjerin
minyak masak

Cara-cara :

1. Panaskan periuk dan masukkan minyak masak dan mentega. Cairkan mentega kemudian masukkan bawang yang telah didadu. Kacau bawang sehingga layu dan agak kekuningan. Jangan sampai garing, perlahankan api.
2. Masukkan cendawan dan kacau sehingga terbit air dan cendawan layu.
3. Tuang susu ke dalam periuk diikuti kiub pati ayam. Biar mendidih sekejap kemudian perasakan dengan garam dan serbuk lada hitam.
4. Dengan menggunakan hand blender, blend sup tadi tetapi pastikan jangan sampai cendawan hancur. Blend sekejap sahaja sudah memadai. Biarkan sup mendidih dan pekat, bolehlah ditutup api dan dihidangkan dengan kepingan roti bawang putih.

 For your information I used fresh button mushroom and I chopped ten of mushroom by using knife only..the rest I using hand blender as instructor said.. I served my mushroom soup with onion bread.. Enjoy!!

Selasa, 6 Ogos 2013

Telur Goreng Sambal

Assalamualaikum guys.. Alhamdulillah.. sedar tak sedar tinggal 2 hari lagi kita akan berpuasa.. Esok dah tengok anak bulan .. Sama ada lusa atau tulat kita akan berpuasa.. Sedih pulak rasa nak meninggalkan Ramadhan ni.. Yela... tak taula sempat ke idak kita berpuasa untuk Ramadhan tahun hadapan.. Dan lagi satu.. Kalau sempat.. tak taula pulak berpuasa tapi dalam status isteri orang ke?? Oups...hehe...just kidding.. Tapi kalau da sampai seru apa salahnya.. just be patient and keep upgrading yourself.. Whoever he is.. the most important thing is my parent can accept him.. Means dapat restu la... Yela anak dara ni kalau nak selamat dunia akhirat yang penting dapat restu mak and ayah.. ya da? ya da?? hihi..

Okay.. merapu sudah si Zawani.. For yesterday recipe.. it's very simple.. Simple pun nak letak dalam blog ke Wani?? Eh haruslah.. Nanti kalau da jauh2 ngan mak..boleh buka balik buku resepi.. kan..kan..^_^ .. Cepat korang angguk.. =P ..

Seperti yang tertera di tajuk atas.. Wani masak telur goreng sambal.. Bab sambal menyambal ni..actually I am a little bit scared..Why?? Sebabnya takut pulak sambal tu tak sepenuhnya masak.. Then nanti mesti ada orang sakit perut..pastu mesti lauk tu tak tahan lama.. Tapi..tapi.. sampai bila nak takut kan?? Makanya.. I have to give some challenges to myself.. Argghhh.. Wani tau.. mesti korang cakap...heeleehh... tu pun mencabar sangat ke?? Umur da besor pun tak gheti2.. Haha.. But it's ok.. I admit.. Wani ni masih dalam process of learning.. So setiap orang mesti ada yang diorang boleh wat ada yang tak kan.. It depends..Muehehe..

* Cili merah - 10 biji
* Cili api - 40 biji
* Bawang merah - 10 ke 12 biji
* Bawang putih - 4 ulas
* Pes asam jawa - 1 sudu besar
* Belacan - 5cm x 3cm
* 1/2 kiub pes ikan bilis
* 15 biji telur - Digoreng

1. Panaskan minyak masak.
2. Blendkan cili merah, cili api, bawang merah, bawang putih, pes asam jawa dan belacan.
3. Masukkan bahan-bahan yang telah dikisar tadi ke dalam kuali yang berisi minyak panas.
4. Masakkan cili sehingga pecah minyak.
5. Untuk menunggu cili masak , hendaklah dikacau pada setiap 5 minit. Ini untuk memastikan cili dimasak secara sekata.
6. Setelah pecah minyak, masukkan kiun pati ikan bilis dan garam.
7. Kacau rata sekali lagi dan biarkan seketika.
8. Akhir sekali masukkan telur goreng satu demi satu dan lapiskan dengan sambal.
9. Siap.!!

Untuk sayur pulak.. Wani buat kacang panjang tambah udang dan fucuk masak cili api. Yang tu.. next post Wani masukkan ea..hihi.. 

Okaylah... nak kemas dapur jap..Mak suruh.. Tata.. =)